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Welcome to our Preschool

Our preschool is open every working day from Monday to Friday from 7.30 am till 6 pm with an exception of public holidays.

The school year lasts from the 1st of September till 31st od August.

We are a legal preschool institution and it’s registered by MENiS. It appears on the list of non public kindergartens in Poland.

Preschool’s Team consists of young qualified teachers full of energy, loving to play and spend time with children. Our kindergarten’s cosy ambience ensures every child’s needs are met and it develops proper educational opportunities for everyone. Children are surrounded by a happy and friendly pedagogical team who will not only educate them but also understand, sympathize and simply feel the child’s world. We educate Kindergarten Children from age of 3 up to 6. We also look after and educate Children from the age of 2 and up (Morning Preschool is open from 7.30 am to 1 pm). We are bilingual, which means that Children learn English from the day one and throughout the day. A teaching methodology is approved by MENiS.

Our additional activities are based on the workshops module. During classes Children not only do something interesting and exciting, but also learn English at the same time. A music programme develops their language skills by making Kids sensitive to sound of surrounding and music in general. Health Academy programme is focused on emphasizing an import_ance of healthy lifestyle and habits and creating a pro ecological attitude in every child.

Moreover, we cares about artistic development of its pupils by shaping their artistic sensitivity, creating conditions for the development of their imagination and fantasy as well as plastic, musical and physical expression_. This is reflected in various activities offered by the preeschool, such as: rhythm and plastic classes, dance classes, theatrical workshops, corrective gymnastics, etc.

An adaptive behaviour process of Children is a big step that every child takes towards a proper education and better future. Our role is to make this educational journey safe, professional and fascinating. You are given detailed information about your Child during regular teachers-parents meetings and via e-mails. Our kindergarten has got positive opinions from SANEPID, Fire Department and has been adapted especially to preschool children needs. We have an access to the playground, we also assure that Children will go for a walk everyday. We cooperate with specialists: Nutritionist, Speech Therapist and Psychologist


We serve delicious and healthy food, which is prepared according to the highest standard of quality and hygiene required by sanitary conditions. The meals are varied so that children with special taste can find something for themselves, too. We allow the special diet.

After-dinner rest
This is usually associated with the necessity to go to sleep – but our children can choose between resting, sleeping or playing, which allows them to relax and quiet down in a way which suits their characters best. During this time children can play, look over books or go out to the playground.

English groups
The english groups language classes and activities are conducted throughout the day, alternatively with classes and activities conducted in Polish (for example, plastic and music classes are held in English), moreover activities such as walks, playing in the garden and eating meals are also treated as a chance to learn English.